Thursday, May 23, 2013

***We CAN Afford Our Own Schools!***

From an article in the Business section of the Commercial Appeal, dated Sunday, May 5, 2013 titled:

"Study: Suburb ripe for growth, Millington holds potential" by Thomas Bailey Jr.

Mr. Bailey citing the recent completion of Veterans Parkway, and Millington's abundance of land from an industrial developer's point of view, "makes for a spectacular site."

The attraction to Millington includes the easily accessible major railroad, a five-lane access road, utilities and an 8,000-foot-long airport runway complete with control tower and fire/rescue.

Per a recent Shelby County development study of 18 sites along the Tenn 385/I-269 corridor, Millington ranked No. 1 in Shelby County for growth potential. The "TN-385/I-269 Corridor Economic Development/Environmental Study" considered six factors:
  1. Site ownership 
  2. development potential 
  3. development compatibility/frontage to the outer loop
  4. vehicular access 
  5. utilities 
  6. environmental issues. 

The military airbase comprising 1,900 acres was donated to the city of Millington and includes an airfield and surrounding property.

94% of funding for municipal schools will come from county, state, and federal funds. The remaining balance will be funded by the Millington half-cent sales tax dollars. At the current sales tax base, Millington is already exceeding the estimated $1.2M identified in the SES study. With the inevitable growth expected in Millington, our school system can only get stronger!


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