Sunday, April 28, 2013

Meeting Held April 25 with Mayor Jones

P.A.M.S met Thursday April 25, 2013 at the Milllington Civic Center. The scheduled guest speaker was Millington Mayor Terry Jones. however, State Representative Ron Lollar and Aldermen Mike Carruthers and Frankie Dakin attended the meeting and provided some updates as well.

Mayor Jones addressed the timeline of the voting process that will take place now that the municipal schools bill was signed by Governor Haslam. A new vote to approve the municipal school system must take place in July. After the vote for the municipal school system passes, a new school board must be elected in the fall. The school board will select a superintendent who will be charged with hiring the teachers and other employees for the Millington district. Mayor Jones also indicated that he is meeting with the other municipalities in an effort to combine resources to save money. 

State Representative Ron Lollar also spoke to those present about the process that was involved in getting the bill through the Tennessee General Assembly. Alderman Mike Carruthers addressed the next steps that Millington faces and the progress that has already been made by the education committee that had previously been formed by the City of Millington. Alderman Frankie Dakin spoke about the hopefulness of the situation and his positive expectations for the municipal schools effort.

The revenue from the Millington Sales Tax for schools was also addressed. Mayor Jones and the Alderman expressed their belief that the sales tax makes municipal schools feasible with its projected revenue of approximately $1.3 million annually.

P.AM.S. will meet again May 7, 2013 to form committees and plan fundraisers. We will also work on a campaign strategy to educate Millington voters that we can support a school system and to vote YES. This meeting is open to the public. If you are unable to make the meetings but would like to help, please send us an email at 

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