Monday, August 6, 2012

Millington mayor: Residents may have passed sales tax increase

(WMC-TV) - Millington leaders are confident that in just days, the city's sales tax vote could be overturned.

Millington's mayor says a recent lawsuit stopping the annexation of the Lucy community could be the key to funding the city's school system.

There was a bit of confusion at Millington City Hall Friday morning.

That's because residents there voted to form their own school system but voted not to fund it.

"We're looking very carefully at Lucy one precinct and we've asked them to do a recount and look very carefully at these votes and to analyze them," said Millington Interim Mayor Linda Carter.
A sales tax increase was voted on to pay for the city's proposed new school system.
That sales tax increase lost by only three votes.

"I think there were people who were strong proponents of the school issue who failed to explain that we have to have the money," added Carter.

Carter says several residents in the Lucy community obtained ballots for Thursday night's election after a lawsuit was filed to stop Lucy's annexation into Millington.

Carter says that may prevent those votes from being counted.
She says in reality, the vote to fund Millington's municipal school system may have passed.

"I'm not sure some people understand they have to pay for what they've got," she said.

Carter says people in the Lucy community voted overwhelmingly against the sales tax increase.

Whether or not those votes are thrown out or there's another referendum on the ballots in November, Mayor Carter feels like Millington will ultimately vote to fund for the tax increase to fund it's municipal school district.

Mayor Carter says this issue is now in the hands of the Shelby County Election Commission.
She said she should know sometime next week what's next in this funding battle.

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