Friday, July 13, 2012

Commissioner Roland responds to ADA funding debate

07/13/12  PRESS RELEASE - Commissioner Roland is Correct as it relates to ADA Funding for future Municipal School Districts

MEMPHIS, TN A February 24, 2012 opinion by County Attorney Kelly Rayne (OP-12-006) states clearly Commissioner Roland is correct, the County must share the funds with a municipal school system on an Average Daily Attendance (ADA) basis. State law also mandates capital improvement...s ...funds will be shared with a municipal school system unless a waiver is given.

During yesterday’s Budget and Finance Committee meeting Commissioner Mike Ritz stated any money allotted for capital improvement for the Shelby County Board of Education does not get ADA funded back to municipalities and further stated the County Attorney had opined on the matter. Commissioner Roland stated yesterday he would seek another opinion, however upon review of the opinion Roland found Ms. Rayne actually agreed with him.

Commissioner Roland said, “As with other information my friend Commissioner Ritz is giving out regarding municipal school feasibility; a little research will once again prove I’m correct.”

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